SAMCO SAN QUICK - Liquid Additive - 27 Litre Drum


SAMCO SAN QUICK is a high-grade liquid admixture based on clean water, a special additive and a special adhesive emulsion. SAMCO SAN QUICK is mixed with the paving mortar SAMCO 88.


SAMCO SAN QUICK is added to SAMCO 88 mortar instead of water. It is used in the repair of paving and flagstone joints (minimum 2mm joint depth) which need to be open for use 48 hours after repair.

Special Instructions

All paving works are to stop if there is a likelihood of frost. Freshly grouted surfaces are to be protected from frost exposure.

When added to SAMCO88 - open for use by:

Pedestrians after 48 Hours (at 15°C)
Passenger car after 48 Hours (at 15°C)
Trucks and lorries after 48 Hours (at 15°C)

Other Data:

Weight of container 27 kg (liquid)
Storage (dry condition) 6 months
De-icing salt behaviour 200g/m2 high
Bending tensile strength (28d) 7.0 N/mm2
E-module 18700 N/mm2
Compressive strength (28d) 42.9 N/mm2
Shrinkage after 28 days 0.077 %

Climate Neutral

Acosim UK can arrange carbon offsets with climatecare. All Acosim products can be carbon neutral for use within the UK and Ireland.