SAMCO88 - Paving Mortar - 25Kg bags


Samco88 is a unique high-quality mortar manufactured from Portland cement and carefully washed and graded natural quartz sand originating from the Bergell region of Switzerland. It does not contain chemical additives, plasticiser or polymers. Hydrated with water, or ACOSIM liquid admixtures.

Application Field

Samco88 is a special paving mortar for paving and flagstones. It provides an excellent bond to the stone’s sides. The material readily compacts into paving joints when vibrated with the ACOSIM vibrating roller. Water or additives are added to hydrate the mortar. The hydrated slurry is then squeegeed over the surface of the stone elements, vibrated into the joints and locally sourced porous bedding using the patented ACOSIM vibrating roller, and finally cleaned off with the sponge cleaning machine.

Special Instructions

All paving works are to stop if there is a likelihood of frost. Freshly grouted surfaces are to be protected from frost exposure.

Open for use by:

Pedestrians after 3 Days (at 15°C)
Passenger car after 14 Days (at 15°C)
Trucks and lorries after 28 Days (at 15°C)

Other Data:

Weight of bag 25 kg (dry mortar)
Storage (dry condition) 6 months
De-icing salt behaviour 200g/m2 high
Bending tensile strength (28d) 7.0 N/mm2
E-module 18700 N/mm2
Compressive strength (28d) 42.9 N/mm2
Shrinkage after 28 days 0.077 %

Climate Neutral

Acosim UK can arrange carbon offsets with climatecare. All Acosim products can be carbon neutral for use within the UK and Ireland.