Vibrating Roller

The patented vibrating roller is made under Licence by Pergo GmbH in Austria.

It was developed over many years by Acosim AG. The ideal frequency of vibration was difficult to find over many years of practical trial and error. The design now includes rubber nubs around the rollers, which directly transfer the vibration into the joint. Two rollers ensure a much easier use of the machine.

The vibration causes the mortar to move under the edge of the stone elements and produces a joint that is fully filled and wider underneath the stone elements. This fully filled joint will also extend into pore spaces in a porous laying course, which provides an excellent bond adhesion between the surface layer and the laying course.

The strength of the mortar is enhanced by the vibrating roller as it vibrates both excess water and trapped air out of the mortar. The shape and size of the SAMCO88 mortar composition allows the mortar to compact to produce a very strong paving joint material.