The Acosim System was first developed in Switzerland in 1988 to address failures of natural stone element pavements. It was clear that traditional methods of paving mortar were unable to cope with the modern demands of traffic loads and cleaning methods. The Acosim System is now routinely specified in Switzerland as the gold standard for paving mortars for use with natural stone.

Over the last 17 years the system has been continuously improved with patented machinery and products to reduce problems associated with water vapour pressure, laying course surcharge, over and underhydration of the laying course and mortar, and variability of the knowledge of installers. The System provides a correctly filled and finished joint that extends into the porous laying course and under the edge of the stone elements. This provides an inverted T beam grid to hold the stone elements in place.

The Acosim System was tested at the EMPA road testing facility in Switzerland, and was found to have a design lifetime of over twenty years.

The Acosim System products and machinery are only sold to organisations that have agreed to a licence agreement from Acosim UK. This arrangement gives Acosim UK the opportunity to train installers in the correct use of the system and provide technical assistance when required.

Acosim Products are produced under strict quality control from the factory in Schmerikon - Switzerland.

The Acosim System comprises three component parts:

1. Design guidelines for the road layers

2. Vibrating and cleaning machinery

3. Paving mortar products

The Acosim System was designed to be used with a no-fines 3mm-6mm porous laying course. This allows the mortar in the joints to extend into the porous laying course when vibrated. It was also designed to be used with a 16mm-32mm porous base, allowing the porous laying course to extend into the porous base. These guidelines are derived from European standards of road construction.

The Paving mortar products were developed in tandem with the machinery. The SAMCO88 mortar is a unique high-quality mortar composed of washed and graded natural quartz sand originating from the Bergell region of Switzerland and Portland cement. The size, grading and shape of the constituents of the mortar allow the mortar to be easily worked with, but also to compact with vibration.